Tunnel in the Perspective: City Night Skies

Tunnel in the Perspective: City Night Skies

In the heart of vibrant Miami, amid the bustle of valet queues and the anticipation of a hotel stay, a simple moment unfolded—a pause that turned into a revelation. Waiting in the car with my family for the valet parking spot, my mind gradually wandered into the night, and I found myself gazing upward.

Leaning back into my seat, I sighed and allowed the city's energy to fade into the background. Two buildings, tall and graceful, stood side by side, reaching for the night sky. The sprawl and the anticipation of the night's plans seemed to dissolve in that upward gaze.

The buildings took on a new identity, illuminated by the city lights. It was a scene that whispered of both grandeur and tranquility. In that moment, I realized the power of simply looking up—allowing oneself to be cocooned in the beauty that surrounds, unnoticed in the rush of the everyday.

So, as I share this glimpse of Miami nights with you, I invite you to take a moment and look up. Whether it's the towering structures or the vast expanse of the night sky, there's a beauty that envelopes you when you lift your gaze, waiting to be acknowledged. 




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