Tunnel in the Perspective: Balance of Symmetry

Tunnel in the Perspective: Balance of Symmetry

When I reminisce about my trip to Denver, Colorado at the age of thirteen, it's not the grand landscapes or bustling city life that immediately come to mind. Instead, my memories drift towards the unexpected beauty found right within the confines of a hotel room.

Nestled conveniently next to the airport, our hotel offered a peculiar but delightful view from the window—plane runways stretching into the distance, vast flat plains, majestic mountains looming on the horizon, and a constant ebb and flow of airport shuttles. It was an ever-changing tableau of travel and motion.

One lazy afternoon, seeking solace within the four walls of our temporary abode, I decided to curl up with a good book. As I approached the window, the world outside faded into the background. The sun, casting its golden glow, created a mesmerizing dance of shadows and light. I found myself captivated not by the external panorama but by the delicate interplay of elements within the room.

Gazing through the window, the parallel lines of the curtains framed a picture of perfect symmetry. The sunlight, filtering through, painted a warm mosaic on the floor. It was a simple moment, yet strangely profound. The hustle and bustle of the airport, the majestic mountains—though captivating—paled in comparison to the quiet harmony within the confines of that room.

As I lost myself in the pages of my book, the balance of symmetry became my silent companion. The world outside might have been bustling with activity, but in that small corner of the hotel room, I found a tranquil retreat. It's a lesson learned early in life—sometimes, amidst the grandeur of external landscapes, the true beauty lies in the overlooked details, in the perfect symmetry of a moment that catches you by surprise. 


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